When you first read this heading, you might have thought is it really a thing! But, I want you to think on it.

We all have a different and sort of complicated relationship with social media. As per a study by a market research group, an average Indian spends approx 03 hours 52 minutes per day on social media – watching, reading, listening to or simply interacting with the media.

When we spend that amount of time on anything, the pressure can manifest in a lot of ways.

May be you have a compulsion about pleasing your audience (followers), always getting the perfect content, looking your best self where your clothes are styled just right and your hair is freshly blow dried. Like totally “INSTAGRAMABLE”!

May be you are like me, who doesn’t enjoy clicking pictures, let posting them on social media. And later when your friends say “Your profile is boring AF” you think “wish I could have clicked some instagramable photos when I was out.”

Or may be you are just compelled to create social media accounts to check on your friends. And then secretly thinking on how rocking their life is as compared to yours!

These are all real problems. Sounds relatable?

We all want to be seen, heard and understood. And with this, the undeniable fear creeps in “What people will think if I post something non-glamour or for a time post anything at all?”

Sometime or the other, we have all been there, manipulating or getting manipulated to fit right. Approving or getting approved the content to be posted, and not realising when to stop.

Which brings me to my point…

Why this Pressure?

Do we really need to pressurise ourself till the very edge that we start breaking? Do we really need validation on everything that we send across? Do we really need to send across everything that we do, on social media?

As illustrated perfectly by the talkingegg.info, the internet sensation, world record egg, became an instant hit and like all of us, it started cracking owing to the social media pressure that comes with being famous.

This isn’t a competition. Even if it was, it is okay to not always win. It is really okay to find and be in your own pace.

Do not fear about being judged. Just be yourself and embrace your uniqueness. You do not need to be like others, doing what others do. You have to be YOURSELF. It is okay.

Don’t pressurise yourself unnecessarily to the limit that you can’t handle it any further. LOVE YOURSELF, NURTURE YOURSELF and FLOURISH.

Live for the moment and in the moment. Do not feel pressurised to create one. There is nothing perfect in this world and it is okay to accept that neither any one of us is.

Always remember “All that glitters is not gold.”

Just stop comparing yourself with others, because it never does any good. Trust me!

I AM ME and not YOU! Just accepting this will make you feel better. I am my perfect kind and no one can replace me.

On that note, be accepting, be kind and be happy – first with yourself and then with others.

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