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Why should we select EterPride as our agency of agency of choice?

Selecting the agency of right size matters. You do not want your brand to get lost in a jungle of other brands in a large agency? EterPride is a multi-media agency with the right size. Not too small to be constrained by resources and infrastructure, not too big with hang-over of scale and size. Ensuring agency-client partnership rather than agency client relationship.

What difference does that make?

Well, look back at your own experience with the world of advertising, if any. We work like we are your own in-house agency. Naturally other things like strategic creativity, cost-effective media plan, extra-mile service, all will flow naturally. These are a part of our mindset.

Should we have different agencies for print and digital work?

Is your product different? Are the psycho-graphics, the socio-economics, the income and everything else of your consumer different? Each product operates in one single playing field. The mind of the consumer. Brand positioning and perfect delivery of a product’s USP counts. Unfortunately, this depth of thinking process is often lacking in agencies offering only online services, as is evident in the online campaigns which you see now. And for normal advertising, the new generation thinking, knowledge of the tech world are really vital. There has to be a fusion of thoughts in mainline line and online campaigns. This is a must for uniform brand building. We specialize in both. This is important for you as a provider of product or service.

All agency have lot of jargon. Core branding solutions, brand positioning, How about EterPride?

These are some aspects of brand building which we too talk about. The difference is, we take very seriously. However, there are some basic principles that drive it all. Getting results where they count, in the marketplace. Then, there are advertising agencies and there are digital agencies. We offer a fusion of strategic advertising, the time tested philosophy of core brand building and the technical edge of digital. This enables us to deliver a universal campaign across all media.

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